Secrets to a Better Life With Your Dog

Secrets to a Better Life With Your Dog

Secrets to a Better Life With Your Dog

How do we define happiness in a world where people regularly feel rushed, stressed, and overwhelmed by the daily demands of life? Authors Garry McDaniel and Sharon Massen suggest that we look to our canine companions to learn what happiness is really about. Based on the authors’ research and insights as well as real-life stories about dogs and their people, this eye-opening guide helps us explore seven essential traits for happiness through the eyes of our trusted furry friends.

Inside The Dog’s Guide to Happiness:

•The value of loyalty in our personal and business relationships

•Canine communication tactics—namely, vocalizations, body language, and eye contact—and a discussion on interpersonal communication

•The lost art of play and why it is important for people—and dogs—of all ages

•The unconditional love that dogs bestow on their humans and how it applies to our relationships with other people

•How an unwillingness to forgive others holds us back, and why dogs are able to “forgive and forget”

•How to nurture an optimistic outlook on life’s ups and downs

•A dog’s approach to life balance and why a lack of balance is detrimental to emotional health

•Exercises, charts, and worksheets to guide readers in self-exploration through applying the principles set forth in each chapter

•Suggestions and activities to help readers attain the seven secrets of happiness

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